5 Reasons Why Workaway is the Best Way to Travel

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Hiya, this is Misaki!

Have you ever heard of a global travelling service called “workaway” before?

These are the 5 reasons why I think workaway is the best way to travel based on my 5 workaway experiences in New Zealand and as an official ambassador.

Also, I’m sharing 4 checklists to find a right host to make your stay safe and 3 tips for first contact to get accepted!

This workaway service is just so unique, and I can’t wait to share how amazing it is.

What is the workaway?

Workaway is global travelling and volunteering service

workaway travel
happened to see the sheep walking to the next farm.

To describe workaway, it is a global travelling service in which there are 50,000+opportunities in 170 countries.

Speaking of how it works, travellers can exchange some work for accommodation and food from the host. In other words, to extend, you can travel with just basic transportation costs!

This Workaway is not just about exchanging “work” for “accommodation and food.” It also aims at cultural and language exchange.”

As a cultural exchange, since the traveller can stay and experience the locals deeply, you can get to know and connect with the locals, which you might not have chances to do in studying abroad and sightseeing. The host family can also have the opportunity to learn about you and your culture.

As a language, they can exchange their language, which helps both travellers and hosts learn the new ones. Also, if you are eager to improve the language skills that the hosts have, they must be happy to teach you and welcome any questions about it.

Exchange conditions are various

workaway travel
The beach me and the kids often go during my first workaway stay

While travellers can exchange some work with accommodation and food from the host, this exchange condition varies from the host family.

In most places, they provide you with the 3 meals, accommodation (basically, including wifi, shower, washing machine, a necessity for stay, etc.) in exchange for your 5 hours a day, 4-5 days a week volunteer work.

However, the working hours and the conditions offered are entirely different from host to host. The following are the examples that I found various;

・some hosts pay for your work (you’ll find a “paid job”sticker on their profile)

・some offer you work only 2-3 hours a day

・some ask you to get food and cook by yourself

・some ask you to “housesit” in exchange for the accommodation and foods which means less opportunity to gain cultural& language exchange

To imagine easily what the stay would be like, make sure to read the host’s profile in detail and message what you are excited about the stay from the first contact. It prevents you from something that you didn’t expect, causing trouble and ruining your time.

Although this workaway shouldn’t involve money (apart from paid position), Workawayer might not be in an equal position to the hosts because the hosts let you stay and eat.

As workaway is a “mutual help service” and must be a win-win relationship, don’t hesitate what you expect from your host and ask them what the exchange conditions are.

You can start to search what hosts provide you in exchange for work by clicking the Find a host button!

5 Reasons Why Workaway is the Best Way To Travel

You can connect locally

Workaway gives you the opportunities to get deep into the locals and connect with them as you share time, space, work, and food with the hosts. It’s a really decent time to know what the local family and community would be like and how organic farms work.

Also, you will get a chance to be invited to a BBQ party with neighbours and shop at local farmer’s markets as you are regarded as one of the family members.

You can explore unique and hidden places

workaway travel
Giving a milk to the lambs in massive farm

Using the Workaway service, you can explore the unique and hidden places which you hardly go with studying abroad and sightseeing.

For example, I stayed in a farm in the middle of Mt. Aspiring National park and got the experience of staying in the Great Barrier Island, where there is no public gas, electricity, water, and internet in New Zealand.

Without Workaway, I definitely wouldn’t find these places and then stayed there. Since workaway allows you to travel and get a unique experience where not many people have been.

Workaway is based on the spirit of “Give and Take”

workaway travel
Joined the charity events like local!

As this service aims for the cultural and language exchange and work-accmodation&food exchange, both hosts and travellers should give and take each other. 

 It shouldn’t be one way, which means hosts shouldn’t just get the labour from the travellers, and travellers can’t only take what the host provides them. 

When you give the hosts what you can do actively, it will come back to you, making your workaway experience unforgettable.

It helps you to be flexible

In workaway, you put yourself in the middle of nowhere and share the time, space, and food with your hosts all of a sudden.

You might find lots of the things new to you, hard to get used to, and totally different from what works for you back in your country.

However, please do not refuse them and not push your ideas to your hosts and the community; try to take it as it is with the flexibility.

Being flexible and adaptable really helps you learn new things in a new place.

You can travel at a low cost

workaway travel
A stunning view from the hut in Kepler Track in the Anau.
At last, you can travel worldwide at a low cost, using workaway, which is one of the biggest reasons I like this service.
All you need is the cost of the transportation to go to and go back to your destination as you don’t need the money for food and accommodation generally.
While WWOOF is a quite similar service to the workaway, focusing on the orgamic farm works more , you need to apply for and pay to join the members in every country.

In contrast, once you get a membership of workaway, you can travel everywhere with it.

If you are the kind of person who wants to explore lots of places and countries at a low cost, the workaway is definitely for you.

4 Checklists to Find an Right Host

When you experience workaway, you must want to have a safe and meaningful experience. Choosing where to stay, in other words, what hosts to apply is very important.

I will give you 4 tips that you should know to find right hosts!

1. Rate 4.5 or above(out of 5)

workaway travel

Rate shows how good the experience was for past travellers who used to stay before.

Some hosts have started recently, and they have no review& rate even though they might be such lovely hosts.

If you don’t mind jumping in there, I think it’s worth trying, but it’s relatively safe to apply and ask to stay with a host who already has a high rate from past travellers.

2. Feedback


Feedback from past travellers is also the section where you can check what the hosts and stay experience were like with objective opinions. 

Most of the workawayer write the review well and honestly, and this really helps you learn about hosts beforehand and judge if you apply for the stay.

3. Last Activity

workaway travel
Taking the kids to the beach

The last Activity shows the Last login date of the hosts.

It helps you find a suitable host because if they login within a week or a few days, you can see they are keen to let travellers stay in their place and use the workaway website actively.

Also, you would relatively get a speedy reply from them no matter whether they accept your application or not.

However, if it is more than a month or two months ago, you can’t really expect to hear back quickly.

4. Photos

You might be able to get who the hosts are like with texts, but photos are easier to see visually.

If there is only one photo of nature or a picture of their pet, you don’t know who the host is and what the place looks like, which makes you feel uneasy.

Some hosts who put one photo on their profile are experienced well and get a certain number of good reviews from past workawayers. 

However, if this workaway is your first try, it’s relatively safe to apply for the hosts who got a high rate and feedback, putting some photos on their profile to show who there are.

3 Tips for First Contact

Read the host’s profile carefully

workaway travel


Take your time to read the host’s profile and feedback from the past travellers to know what kind of person they need, what types of jobs they want you to do, what skills they want, etc.

Understandably, you feel like having a glance through their profile and want to send the first contact quickly.

When I started workaway for the first time, I thought it would work if I looked over the profiles and sent the first contact to as many hosts as possible at once.

However, the hosts know whether you take your time to read their profiles and send a message because sometimes, they left what you have to write in the first contact and what’s more, they left a MAGIC CODE at the end of their profile that shows you read their profile until the end.

If you really want to stay there, take your time to read their profile and feedback. It helps you apply for a place to stay suitable for you and gives you a high chance of getting acceptance from the hosts.

Never copy and paste

Never copy and past the first contact and send them to lots of hosts at once; even the jobs& skills that the hosts need are similar.

It takes time and could make you feel stressed, but this is the direct and quickest way to be told, “We love you to stay in our place!”.

If you do not receive a reply from the host or if your offer is not accepted

workaway travel
BBQ with the neighbours!

If you don’t receive a reply from the hosts, even when they have already read, you might feel frustrated and start to think you get declined.

However, they have many reasons why they can’t reply to your message, for example, being too busy to respond, having a lot of applications from other travellers, and checking the schedule whether they can accept you.

From my experience, if you don’t get a reply for a week, it would be nice to move on and try to apply to a different host

Also, when the host you applied to is so popular among travellers, the place itself is famous, or the skills you can provide are different from the host’s needs, you might not get accepted.

However, don’t worry because there must be many hosts around a place you are looking for.

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Thank you for reading!

Thank you very much for reading!

That is my list of why I believe workaway is the best way to travel, how to find an right host to make your stay safe and, and 3 tips of first contact to get accepted!

I hope this blog helps you get an interest in workaway and exploring the world!!



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