The Best 5 Activities to do in Mangawhai

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Hiya, This is Misaki.

If you are the kind of person who would like to explore a unique place that is not as well-known as some sightseeing spots, Mangawhai would be perfect for you.

Known as a great surf beach, hiking tracks, and amazing weekends markets, Mangawhai is located pretty convenient place, 90 minutes drive from the CBD of Auckland and 50 minutes from Whangarei!

From a 1-month stay experience with workaway in Mangawhai, I recommend the best five activities you must do.
This blog is for you if you want to know what Mangawhai looks like, the best activities to do, or plan to enjoy the weekends in Mangawhai!

About Mangawhai

What the Mangawhai looks like

Mangawhai Activities

・Small population (938people in 2018)
・Thought that population of family and young people were relatively large
・Peaceful city surrounded by beautiful beaches
・Comfortable to live

Access to Mangawhai

Mangawhai is located in the Northland region, which takes only 90 minutes drive from Auckland CBD and 50 minutes from Whangarei, one of the biggest cities in New Zealand.

If you use an intercity bus, it would take less than 3 hours and cost pretty much $20.

As such a great location, I could say Mangawhai is perfect for enjoying the weekends and short trips!

More resident population on Mangawhai

Because they have a good location, comfortable, and peaceful environment to live in, my host mother of workaway volunteer said Mangawhai would be more popular, and its land value is increasing.

The Best 5 activities to do in Mangawhai

Mangawhai heads

Mangawhai Activities
surfing with the girls of host family
Mangawhai Activities

Know as great waves to surf, Mangawhai heads is one of the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand.
Besides surfing, you can enjoy playing with kids, fishing and more.

Please don’t forget to get such good berry ice cream from the ice cream van parking near the beach!

Saturday Market-Tavern Market, Community Market

Mangawhai Activities
Mangawhai Activities
you can enjoy a live music as well!

Even if you only have weekends off, it would be worth exploring Mangawhai because of these fun Saturday Markets!

Tavern Market is well known Saturday market, and you can enjoy browsing crafts, art, clothes and food stalls, such as coffee, pastry, cheese, crape, and Asian foods.

Mangawhai Activities
get a coffee before starting Saturday morning
Mangawhai Activities
so many tempting pastry and bakery

From 15 minutes walk from here, there is a smaller Mangawhai community market and you can enjoy buying fresh veggies, coffee, fruits, and second-hand stuff sold by local kids and family.

I believe you will get never bored with these fun markets on your Saturday morning.

Charity Events

Mangawhai Activities
you can run, walk, or swim for this charity event.
Mangawhai Activities
compliment burger after a fun walk. Yum

In Mangawhai, there a quite a few charity events a year, and I love the vibes there!

The costs to join the charity events are various, but most would contribute to local schools or sports clubs.

During my stay in Mangawhai, I joined a 5K fun walk event held for a local surfing club, and others enjoyed running and swimming. From the tiny kinds to old people joined these events and enjoyed the exercise, which I really liked.

Tramping-Mangawhai cliff walkway, Tanehaka walkway

Mangawhai Activities
already missed this amazing beach!
Mangawhai Activities
interesting cave

Mangawhai has unique hidden tramping spots, such as the Mangawhai cliff walkway and Tanehaka walkway.

Both of them are entry-level and would finish just in a few hours.
Even though you have to be a bit careful about tides in the Mangawhai cliff walkway, you can overlook beautiful Mangawhai heads.

Mangawhai Activities
Mangawhai Activities
Tanehaka falls

In Tanehaka walkway, you can choose and enjoy a walkway from a few track options.
In the middle of the tracks, there is a small Tanehaka fall, and you can enjoy swimming even with the kids!


Mangawhai Activities
two naughty lambs

Suppose you are looking for a more unique experience in this peaceful city, I highly recommend you the workaway which you can exchange your certain hours’ of volunteer work for accommodations and three meals.

Mangawhai Travel Guide

Where to Eat – Bennett’s Chocolate


Bennetts Of Mangawhai(@bennettschocolates)がシェアした投稿

To be honest, there are not many interesting places to eat, but a chocolate factory& cafe called Bennetts chocolate is Must go.
Not only kids but people love the chocolate here, and lovely place to get chocolates to bring to the next travelling destinations or gifts.

Where to stay

There are quite a few places to stay in Manmgawhai, such as cottages, hotels, apartments, and hostels.

There are campsites alongside the beach, so it must be a beautiful experience to watch the sunset and enjoy the night.

Information centre

there is an information centre for travellers, but it is closed from Mondays to Thursdays.

Thank you for reading!

Thanks for reading!Thank you so much for reading. I really hope this blog helped you be interested in exploring Mangawhai and finding exciting activities.



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